"It's not just a knife. It's a Benchmade".

For two decades Benchmade has designed and manufactured cutlery and edged tools that deliver superior performance and great value.

Helle knives are made to withstand the strains of the Norwegian outdoor environment.

Their craftmanship will not disappoint, with detail all the way down to the sheath.

High Quality Knives made in Sweden

Fallkniven is a company that is known worldwide for their quality and durability

Spyderco is well recognized for its unique opening method and ergonomic designs.

Spyderco will consistently deliver a reliable, high-performance cutting tool.

LionSteel is known as "The King of Solid Knives" for good reason.

Their line of heavy duty folders and selection of strong blade steel earn their title.
Zero Tolerance

When you need a cutting tool for heavy use, why not buy a knife that's "built like a tank"?

ZT, or Zero Tolerance, knives offer no compromises when it comes to strength or materials.
Chris Reeve

Chris Reeve is world renowned for his precision quality and innovations to the knife industry.

These are the ultimate production knives.

Wetterlings is Sweden's oldest running axe company.
The hand forged look and the American Hickory handles beg to be put to the test.
Arno Bernard

Arno Bernard uses luxurious, exotic scale materials that anyone can appreciate.
Arno is known for encouraging people to use his great knives!