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Handle Materials Available through Arno Bernard Knives

July 1, 2015 1:19:00 PM EDT

Arno Bernard is known for offering some of the finest and exotic handle materials on his knife blades. Please take a look and see what strikes your interest! If you have any other questions, please email us here! Below is some great information on Arno's Standard Handle materials with a visual reference. The number after the material name is Arno's SKU Number for the material. The Xs represent the knife's series and the pattern of knife.

Warthog Ivory Tusk (xx01)

Warthog ivory tusk can be polished to a terrific shine and is one of Arno's most exotic handle materials. Available in limited quantities, it is the only ivory tusk that can be imported from South Africa. Due to the size of the large majority of tusk, it is unavailable on their Giant and Predator Series models.


Giraffe Bone (xx02)

The shinbone is one of the most dense and strongest bones in the giraffe. It has a lot of character because of the differences in the quantity of fat inside the bone, which causes the unique patterns. All of the handles are stabilized and dyed with natural color shades.

Desert Ironwood (xx03)

Arizona desert ironwood has a wood grain flowing from straight lines to burls, giving it a unique characteristic. It is one of the most dense woods available and is very stable. It was recently added to the protected woods list and can no longer be harvested.


 Sheep Horn (xx04)

Premium grade sheep horn scales are naturally aged and dried, and one of the most strong natural handle materials. The grooves in the material help with extra grip when used for skinning.




G10 (xx05)

G10 is a composite material, glass reinforced epoxy laminate. It is one of the most durable of all the handles used on Arno's knives. It is lightweight, waterproof and easy to clean. This makes it an excellent companion to carry with you everywhere you go.




Snakewood (xx06)

Snakewood is one of the most expensive woods available from South America. When it is polished, it takes on a scale-like pattern that is reminiscent of snakeskin.



Ebony (xx07)

Ebony is a dark and very hard African wood. It has an intricate wood grain pattern once it is polished. Due to the fact that it ages well, it will give you years of service.




Maple Burl (xx08)

The North American maple burl is highly figured with very unpredictable grain patterns. After stabilization, it is dyed in various colors to highlight the peculiar swirls and strenghthen the natural beauty of the wood.


Sambar Stag (xx09)

Indian Sambar Stag is a very rare and sought after material. The raised grooves of the horn present a familiar look with an exotic flair. You will feel like you have a real trophy in your hand with these scales on your Arno Bernard knife.



Mammoth Ivory Tusk (xx10)

There are knives with ivory handles… and then there are knives with prehistoric Mammoth Ivory Tusk handles. Imported from Russia, this handle is highly sought after and available in very limited quantities.




Paua Abalone (xx11)

Made from a beautiful shell found off the coast of New Zealand, this laminated abalone shell is an exotic choice. The vibrant blue and green reflections in this uniquely beautiful handle make it Arno's most colorful handle.


Crocodile Hide (xx12)

Unlike any other knife handle you have ever seen, this genuine Nile Crocodile Hornback hide handle is made from the ridged back armor of the crocodile. The bone inside the scale of the hide gives it a great texture and makes it easy to grip in slippery situations.




Mammoth Molar (xx13)

A fossilized mammoth tooth is hard to find, and to have a molar from a prehistoric woolly mammoth made into a knife handle is exceptionally rare. Stabilized and polished into an amazing piece of art history, these handles are definitely one-of-a-kind.



Spalted Maple (xx14)

The coloration patterns in Spalted Maple are highly sought after for their ability to stand out next to other woods. The winding black lines give each handle made from this wood an extra boost of uniqueness.



Information provided by Arno Bernard.

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